3D Models

Here we have a list of all the available 3D models.
Some links may take you to other hosting platforms where files or parts may be purchased. Some content is available for free.

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PKD-19 Blade Runner Blaster Upgrades Anders

This collection provides some upgraded parts to the fantastic PKD-2019 Blade Runner blaster by AndersFP which is available on Thingiverse.

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PKD-19 Blade Runner Blaster Snub Nosed Version

This set of files is to be used with to create a snub nose version of the PKD-19 Blade Runner blaster, and provides all the parts required to create a complete snub nosed blaster version.

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Blade Runner COP .357

As used by Leon Kowalski during his Voight-Kampff test.

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22" Eagle Transporter 3D Parts

Here is a set of parts used to add detail to the MPC 22 Inch Eagle Transporter model kit.

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Ikea Skadis Universal Pistol Bracket

Set of 3D parts for printing pistol brackets for Ikea Skadis boards.

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Crosman SNR357 Medallion

3D printed Smith & Wesson medallion for the SNR357 Crosman air pistol.

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Nerf Hex Head Hole Covers

3D printed faux hex head bolts to push fit into Nerf gun screw holes.

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