3D Files For Complete Cop .357 Pistol From Blade Runner 

This is a set of STL files for a 3D printed COP 357 four barrelled blaster used by Leon in Blade Runner.

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In the film Blade Runner, the character Leon Kowalski, portrayed by Brion James, uses a distinctive firearm known as the COP .357 Derringer. This weapon is a 4-shot Derringer-type pistol chambered for .357 Magnum. It is a double-action weapon, about twice as wide and substantially heavier than a typical .25 automatic pistol. Despite its relatively compact size, its powerful cartridge made it an option for a defensive weapon or a police backup gun.

The COP .357 Derringer is notable for its appearance in the opening scene of Blade Runner. In this scene, Leon Kowalski is undergoing a Voight-Kampff test—an empathy test administered to determine whether a subject is human or a replicant. He smuggles the COP .357 into the test, which he uses to fire at Dave Holden, the Blade Runner administering the test. The prop gun was modified to fire two barrels at a time, providing a more dramatic muzzle flash, and a specialized sound effect was added to the soundtrack to make it sound more futuristic. ["Let me tell you about my mother"]

This 3D model provides all the parts to a make a replica of the Cop .357 and whilst not containing detailed internals it does look the same as the real steel from the outside.
The trigger moves and the barrel can be tilted up by pulling back the barrel latch. From here you can load the three part .357 Magnum rounds also included.

The grips are separate from the receiver. A lot of available models have a simplified receiver and/or moulded on grips. This model provides one of the most detailed 3D printed replicas out there. 

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