Modellers Dark Blued Effect Finishing Kit

A kit of specially formulated products to apply a dark blued effect directly to 3D printed resin pistols and firearms. Special pigments negate the need for metallic paints and only requires a clear coat to seal.
(Not suitable for FDM 3D printed items)

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The kit contains enough product for a couple of pistols or one larger SMG or small assault weapon.
It was primarily formulated for 3D printed black resin parts. These should be polished to the same level as you would want to see in the finished part. Although the Blueing Base will act as a very fine primer/leveller there is a limit to how much this can achieve.
The kit can also be used on plastic airsoft or replica weapons, but again, the surface must be pretty shiny if you want a shiny finish.
It will also work over most black paints (You may have to slightly dull very shiny gloss finishes).


Apply the Bluing Base with the foam swab or cotton buds. Start with a small circular motion to really get the product into the surface but then continue to work in until dry with linear motion along the length of the part (i.e. along the length of a receiver or barrel). The base includes a small amount of coarse graphite particles and these enhance the realism of the finish by creating fine ‘streaks’ of shinier finish (Don’t worry, this is very subtle. You can always re-apply base over these if you do not like the outcome)
Keep doing this until all the base is worked in and there are no wet lumps of paste left.
Let this dry for a couple of minutes then buff with a cotton pad.
NOTE: the bluing base is not water resistant so wear gloves to handle the parts after the base is applied.

You can also use the Highlight Metallic Powder to create worn areas in the bluing if desired. Simply dab and rub the powder onto the base in areas that would normally attract wear. Polish this with a cotton swab to flatten the brightness and achieve the desired finish. Wear the provided facemask. Although not hazardous you do not want to be breathing in air-borne metallic powder.

It is advisable to finish the model by clear coating using the supplied Water Based Clear Coat. This should be applied with an airbrush at 15 - 20 psi. Apply a couple of light to medium coats. Note that this will ‘knock back’ the effect of the Highlight Metallic Powder but more can be applied after clear coating then re-sealed.
Airbrush should be thoroughly cleaned with water after use. Wear a facemask when airbrushing.

As there are many different resins, plastics and paints out there, please use the above as a guide. Experiment and you will achieve what we believe to be the most realistic deep, dark blued finish with the option of adding as much wear as you like.

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Dark Blueing Effect Kit

Kit Contents

Dark Blueing Base
Highlight Metallic Powder
Water Based Clear Coat (Airbrush)
Foam Swab
Cotton Buds
Cotton Pads
Face Mask

Requires Purchase
Physical Part

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