Ultimate Hardware Kit For Anders Standard PKD-19 Blade Runner Blaster

High quality blaster hardware kit for the standard model of Anders 3D printed Blade Runner blaster.
High quality hardware with correct screws and heads, required springs and steel pins for handle and triggers.
Also includes a PCB, LEDs, switch and battery holder to greatly simply the electronics assembly. Requires a soldering iron.

The kit includes extras that are only used with the free Duplex Designs upgraded parts for Anders blaster. These include a hammer spring and micro screws to hold sight rod to cylinder cover.

Only contains hardware, No STL files or resin parts!


Hardware Pack Contents

  • ❷ Micro Screws
  • ❶ M3 5mm Slot Pan Head
  • ❶ M3 5mm Cap Head
  • ❸ M3 8mm Cap Head
  • ❶ M3 12mm Cap Head
  • ❶ M3 20mm Cap Head
  • ❹ M3 8mm Machine Head
  • ❷ M3 10mm Machine Head
  • ❼ M3 12mm Machine Head
  • ❶ M3 20mm Machine Head
  • ❶ M3 30mm Machine Head
  • ❶ M5 25mm Machine Head
  • ❷ M3 4mm Grub Screw Slot Head
  • ❸ M4 4mm Grub Screw Slot Head
  • ❶ M3 Threaded Round Nut (Brass)
  • ❸ 3mmØ 14mm Steel Pin
  • ❷ 1.5mmØ 14mm Steel Pin
  • ❸ 4mmØ 10mm Spring (Triggers & cylinder)
  • ❶ 6mmØ 40mm Spring (Hammer)
  • ❽ 5mm x 5mm Neodymium Magnets
  • ❶ Custom PCB
  • ❹ 3mm Red LED
  • ❷ 3mm Green LED
  • ❶ 5mm Red LED
  • ❻ 160R Leaded Resistors
  • ❶ CR2032 Battery Holder
  • ❶ DPDT Slide Switch
  • ❶ CR2032 Battery
  • ❶ White Figure '8' 2 Core Wire
  • ❶ Red Flexible 26AWG Wire
  • ❶ Black Flexible 26AWG Wire
  • ❶ Red Single Core 30AWG Wire
  • ❶ Black Single Core 30AWG Wire
  • ❶ Heat Shrink Tubing
  • ❶ Tinned Copper Wire (Links)
  • ❶ Insulating Pad

More Information

Some parts, such as the hammer spring, M3 thick nut and micro screws are only used with the upgraded Anders parts to secure the laser sight for example.

Note that the original 25mm machine head M3 bolt for the upper receiver rear part has been increased to 30mm for a more stable fit and better grip into the resin.

The electronics includes resistors, switch, LEDs, wires and battery holder.
A soldering iron will be required to assemble the simple PCB and attach wires to LEDs and battery holder etc.

Requires Purchase

Physical Part

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