Electronics Kit For Snub Nosed Blade Runner Blasters

High quality electronics kit for the Duplex Designs snub nosed version of Deckard's Blade Runner blaster.

Includes a PCB, LEDs, switch and battery holder to greatly simplify the electronics assembly. Requires a soldering iron.

Only contains electronics, No STL files or resin parts!


Electronics Pack Contents

  • ❹ 5mm 3mm Neodymium Magnets
  • ❶ Custom PCB
  • ❷ 3mm Red LED
  • ❷ 3mm Green LED
  • ❸ 160R Leaded Resistors
  • ❶ CR2032 Battery Holder
  • ❶ CR2032 Battery

  • ❶ DPDT Slide Switch
  • ❶ White Figure '8' 2 Core Wire
  • ❶ Red Flexible 26AWG Wire
  • ❶ Black Flexible 26AWG Wire
  • ❶ Red Single Core 30AWG Wire
  • ❶ Black Single Core 30AWG Wire
  • ❶ Heat Shrink Tubing

More Information

The electronics includes resistors, switch, LEDs, wires and battery holder.
A soldering iron will be required to assemble the simple PCB and attach wires to LEDs and battery holder etc.
Step by step instructions are included in the Assembly Guide.

Requires Purchase

Physical Part

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