Sinead O'Connor Pixel Art

Sinead O'Connor image created in pixel art form.
The Lego compatible art frame and mosaic dots allow you to create a huge eye catching picture and includes special brackets for hanging.
With over 11,600 parts to assemble this will be a fun build as well as creating a stunning piece of wall art.

Sinead O'Connor Stunning Pixel Wall Art
Sinead O'Connor Full Pixel Art Image

Mosaic Art

The image is created using an array 10,240 coloured tiles arranged in an 80 by 128 grid.

The electronic instructions guide you through the assembly process one 16 X 16 block at a time.

This artwork is the same size as the huge Lego world map (Albeit in portrait aspect rather than landscape) and uses the same construction techniques. 

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At 104 cm X 65 cm (41 inches X 26 inches) this is a huge art piece and will look stunning in any environment and will no doubt become a talking point for new visitors to your home or office.

Weight 5.5kg

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Sturdy Construction

The whole picture is assembled from 16 X 16 square blocks which lock together using technic style pins and further affixed with flat bricks.

More bricks are used to create a built-in white frame.

Sinead O'Connor 1x1 Tiles

What You Get

When you buy this mosaic art, we will send you a complete package including:

1. Bricks and plates (to assemble baseplate and frame)

2. Round tiles with different colors (to assemble mosaic art)

3. Separator (in case you put a brick in the wrong place)

4. Instructions in PDF form on USB memory stick. (Also available to download)

1. When you receive the package, it is not assembled. You have to assemble it yourself.

2. Our bricks are not LEGO bricks. They are compatible with LEGO and other major brands.

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Wall Mounting

The set includes a built in frame and a set of special bracket bricks that allow the art to be hung on screws set into the wall.

The finished picture weighs in at 5.5 kg.

No wall fixing hardware is included.

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Build With Round Tiles

Build each 16 X 16 dot section then stack them together using technic style pins to form the whole picture.

Sinead O'Connor Pixel Art Instructions
Sinead O'Connor Unique Wall Art
Requires Purchase
Physical Part

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